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What is a good present/idea for a 2 year anniversary for my girlfriend?

Been with my girlfriend two years on Wednesday. Jewellery thing is not an option, it%26#039;s been done enough between Christmas%26#039; and birthday%26#039;s and a %26quot;ring%26quot; isn%26#039;t in the question for this anniversary, we still want to wait a bit longer.

I did the flowers and chocolate at Valentine%26#039;s day. I%26#039;m taking her for dinner, but I feel there should be something more...

Ideas?? I was thinking a personalized cheese cake from the bakery with %26quot;I love you!%26quot; on it. Is that too cheesy though? (no pun intended)


What is a good present/idea for a 2 year anniversary for my girlfriend?
Do something creative like re-creating your first date.
Reply:Personally I don%26#039;t think the jewelry thing can ever be done enough but I understand. Why don%26#039;t you give her a day of pampering at a spa? Massage, manicure and a pedicure I can%26#039;t think of anything better.
Reply:Get a really nice picture of her and give it to a painter so she/he can paint it. Then get it framed and give it to her. My husband is a painter and he did that for me and I started to cry becuase I was so happy. I LOVE it and I still have it after 12 years. It meant alot to me that he painted it himself but if you are not a painter then go to a painter. I know this is expensive! But I LOVE that. It is so romantic,has alot of thought in it, and is so pretty.But if you can%26#039;t do that you can give her a massage,maybe spa,then a warm bath with rose petals around it with candels around and play nice music.That is really romantic.
Reply:Thats a really sweet idea [no pun indended on my side either] Sounds like a great idea to me, I%26#039;m sure anything personalized by you will be great. I%26#039;m also thinking of ideas for my boyfriend and I%26#039;s 2 year anniv. =) Good Luck. I%26#039;m sure she will love anything you do.
Reply:A portrait session for the two of you to have pictures made together.
Reply:OK I heard this idea and I loved it. Get into her house and fill her shower with roses and rose petals. Then have chocolate kisses on the floor that lead to her bedroom. ( can have kisses leading up the stairs to her bathroom first if you want as well) Put up a sign that says %26quot;I%26#039;ve kissed the ground you%26#039;ve walked on and showered you with roses. I Love You!%26quot; You could be hiding in her room and when she gets all excited jump out and kiss her. lol Have Fun!!


Good ideas for 2 year anniversary present for GF?

Hi, I need a realy good idea for a 2 year anniversary present. im not guna see her on the day because I have to work. And every time i try to get her something nice nice it fails ie jewellery she neva wears, flowers that die in a day etc etc.

She meens the world to me and i realy want to get her something amazing. im thinking £100ish (maybe more or less but no more then £200) im abit poor atm so bare that in mind.

Iv looked and looked but i cant find anything atm, i think im guna send her some flowers on the day, do u think i should send hem to her work or house??


Good ideas for 2 year anniversary present for GF?
send them to her work girls love to show off :D it´ll mean a lot that you want everyone to see how much you love her.

with that much could you maybe take her to a hotel for a weekend that can be so romantic and all the effort will show her how much you care, coz then you want to spend time with her rather than just go to the store to get a gift. that what my bf did for me our last anniversay. our 5th anniversary is on thursday actally but we are so broke (students lol!) so we are just going to dinner and maybe see a film but im just greatful i have him. have a nice one
Reply:what%26#039;s atm? my bf and i made each other build a bears :D
Reply:id say at work b/c then everyone knows shes loved

oh and happy anniversary!
Reply:atm is at the moment

u should get her some homemade stuff
Reply:Romantic: buy a dozen roses and one matching fake one and place it in the bouquet with the rest or in a gorgeous vase. attach a card, or poem, or note and tell her that you%26#039;ll love her until the last rose dies.

it%26#039;s relatively cheap but if your gf is a romantic she%26#039;ll probably like it.
Reply:Check out this page for some ideas
Reply:ok give your presents to her in person so that it could meant a little special for you two on your anniversary
Reply:If she has a favorite author, get her an autographed copy of one of his/her books. (Depending on the author, this is either trivial or impossible. But give it a try.)

Artwork -- a nice poster or lithograph, suitably framed.

If she%26#039;s a slob (they exist), a one-day maid service, or you do the cleanup yourself.

Gift basket of exotic foods, bottle of wine. (Consumables in general are good gifts, because they get used, and are then gone and not cluttering up the place.) (%26quot;Exotic%26quot; here means things you don%26#039;t usually buy but have been meaning to try. Doesn%26#039;t have to be French Alps white truffles; could be a new type of chips.)

A nice blouse or sweater in one of her best colors.

Tickets to some event -- concert, play, sport. Or travel.

Surprise weekend road trip to some excellent B%26amp;B or resort.


Boyfriend missed our 4th anniversary. I'm I right for the way I feel?

My boyfriend and I would have celebrated our 4th anniversay yesterday but we didn%26#039;t. He came home in the morning (after working 3rd shift) came into the bedroom to tell me the internet wasn%26#039;t working and went to walk out the door but I said %26quot;Happy anniversary to you too%26quot; in a shocked pissed off way because I can%26#039;t believe he didn%26#039;t say it. He said %26quot;happy anniversary%26quot;, no kiss, and walked out the door. After he woke from his morning nap he came out into the living room. I got up off the couch to go take a shower before work but he tried to stop me and say he was sorry. I told him I wanted nothing to do with him and he told me I was acting like a 2 year old. He still has not made up for it: no gift, no card, no flowers, and especially not a sorry. He knows he has hurt me and probably won%26#039;t say he is sorry or even make up for it. I know this because he missed also our 1st, 2nd and 3rd. I spent $350 on him! What should I do and how should I feel?

Boyfriend missed our 4th anniversary. I%26#039;m I right for the way I feel?
You should either accept that anniveraries are not an important event to him, and learn to deal with that, or move on.
Reply:I do kind of think you%26#039;re being a little immature about it. It is a big deal and he shouldn%26#039;t have forgotten, but he may also have had a lot going on at work and not even remembered what day of the week it was (that happens to me a lot). He may be thinking of something nice for you, but if you are all cranky towards him, he might think it%26#039;s pointless to even try to do anything.
Reply:feel how you want to feel. it is ur relationship after all and ur the one who can judge it. just get even by taking something important away from him.
Reply:that does sound like he doesn%26#039;t care about your anniversary that much

but i wouldn%26#039;t get to worked up so much

you should tell him how important it is to you

you can get mad all you want

but dont do something crazy
Reply:%26quot;he tried to stop me and say he was sorry%26quot;

sounds like he%26#039;s sorry. forgive him, he was tired
Reply:#1 Remember some guys don%26#039;t think about stuff like that. I have guy friends I have to remind about their wives b-day, anniversaries etc...

Maybe you should talk together (when you%26#039;re both calm), and tell him how much those days mean to you.

If it keeps up, maybe he is just being insensitive, and you may need to rethink your relationship.
Reply:If he has missed all of the others and this one, then why are you still with him. He should know by now how important it is to you. I would think about finding someone new.
Reply:boo hoo

poor bastard works all night and comes home to you lounging around and all you can think of is yourself!
Reply:You have EVERY right to feel that way! You always do! If he missed EVERY anneversary you goys shared together... Dump him!
Reply:Nobody can tell you how you should feel. You feel hurt and we all know that stinks. If it%26#039;s any consolation, guys just aren%26#039;t good at remembering things like birthdays and anniversaries.

I don%26#039;t know what else to say except I understand how you feel and I don%26#039;t think it%26#039;s worth breaking up with him if the rest of your relationship is good. Keep in mind he just got off working the 3rd shift and he could have had a bad day at work or he was tired.
Reply:if he missed your 1st 2nd and 3rd... then why are you so suprised he missed the 4th? As long as he%26#039;s working all night to take care of you Id say that should be good enough.
Reply:4 months or 4 years?

He%26#039;s a a bit clod either way. But to be fair, he did try to say %26#039;sorry%26#039;, but you did brush him off. That was a bit immature.

Guys often do not put the same importance in anniversaries and holidays that women do. You want a big deal, then some guys need to be reminded a bunch of times before the day arrives. Because to them it is just another space on the calender, and no reflection on you or the relationship.
Reply:As a guy, i wouldn%26#039;t punish him too bad. Take some time and explain to him why it is important to you. Honestly, anniversaries are for women. Ladies get all excited about the EVENT but your man may enjoy his equivalent of your anniversary all through the year. I read somewhere that women have a sacred relationship with time. You measure it, you celebrate, you anticipate you gauge how well things are going based on time and your buyfriend may just be enjoying each day as it comes. I have been in situations like that and I had to explain to my girlfriend at the time that while I loved her very much celebrating these days do not mean as much to me as it meant to her. I said that I have the SAME FEELING she had but I expressed it differently. The day means nothing, the celebration is the important thing and why let the day hold you to celebrating it then.

You may have felt like he was being rude but maybe he had something on his mind. maybe he is tired of celebrating things and he was dreading it. He did not want to say so but guys honestly feel that way. The anniversary of your first kiss, the anniversary of your first dance together, valentines, your birthday, sweetest day, new years, going out to dinner on the anniversary of your first date. Guys can get burned out on celebrating the past. We like looking to the future. Give him a break but when things calm down, gently explain to him why it is important to you and he may react more favorably.

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1yr anniversary fear!!! plz help?








1yr anniversary fear!!! plz help?
Recreate your first date. If it was a dinner and a movie. Get take out at the place you had dinner and settle in with the DVD of the movie you saw or if it was a stroll in the park, have a picnic in the park you went to. Sentiment always works with anniversaries. If you have fears now, wait until you get married!
Reply:Who cares? You%26#039;ve already got the most important thing: each other!

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What's a good anniversary gift for a normal day?

It%26#039;s my 5 year anniversary with my boyfriend tomorrow, but we won%26#039;t be celebrating big until this weekend. What%26#039;s a good normal everyday anniversary gift that I can get him to celebrate just a little today. I want to give him a little gift for tomorrow because I%26#039;ve got other things planned this weekend. He always gives me flowers and I love them so I would like to return the favor for him just as quick kind of gift. Any good ideas?

What%26#039;s a good anniversary gift for a normal day?
why not try flowers or candy guys do like that kinda stuff too...go to like a candy shop or even a few bags of w/e his fav candies are ex: m and m%26#039;s and maybe just one or 2 flowers and a silly card to make him smile

congrats on such a long working on 4 years in Jan. i hope it makes it a long time past that
Reply:Hi, try here and good luck!
Reply:Unique art gift is the best present.

There is a web site – , they convert a digital photos into paintings of different art styles and print them on canvas.

My friend sent them a picture and they turned it into beautiful piece of art. I saw it and it really looks good.


Our anniversary is coming up and what are some ideas on what to get her?

This is our first year together and I want to do something real special for our anniversary and I love her sooo much, that%26#039;s my baby! I done a lot of sweet things in the past but I want to do something big..., .She already has a ring, earrings, and other things of that nature. I buy her flowers maybe every week, and I just don%26#039;t know help!!!

Our anniversary is coming up and what are some ideas on what to get her?
One of my favorite things I ever did for my wife is plan an entire day for her. Tell her that on such and such day she has to keep it completely open.

If money isn%26#039;t an issue than its a lot easier.

First take her out to breakfast or something simple. She%26#039;ll question what you have planned for the rest of the day but don%26#039;t give in.

Next take her to a day spa, and let her get a massage, pedicure, facial, whatever she wants. While you go out and putz around.

Next (2 options here)

Buy her a nice dress or an outfit and take her out to a nice dinner.

Finish with a romantic walk or some affect.

Second option would be while she is getting a massage or have her relax day. Run home, if convenient, and light all the candles you can find in the house, and make a candle light dinner.

Follow that up with a romantic movie(sometimes tough to stomach) or something else she likes to do.

You can always through in other %26quot;couples%26quot; activities such as ice skating at a rink, or a walk through botanical gardens.

It depends on what you have available in your area.

More importantly, it sounds as though you buy her what she wants, give her something that can%26#039;t be wrapped.. Time with you.
Reply:treat her to dinner at a fancy hotel...

get the honey moon suite before hand, lay rose petals on the bed and have tea light candles lit up in the room for that romantic feel.

someone did that for me once and it was the most romantic thing ever.

oh make sure you have champers on ice
Reply:send her to a spathen a romantic dinner followed by aweekend away with no phones or tv


Buy fresh flowers online?

Hi all this Wednesday is my anniversary with my girlfriend. I was just wondering where can I buy fresh flowers online to send to her office?? I kind of live with her right now, so it would be hard for me to sneak out and buy something.. so I am considering one online.. Please tell me a nice and not so expensive store

Buy fresh flowers online?
Reply:For boxed fresh roses directly from the grower or local florist arrangements try this site:
Reply:Seasonal flowers will be least expensive and a local florist will likely have a lower delivery charge. I%26#039;d check a local directory.

Happy Anniversary!!!

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